Spectrum Imaging’s first action images were at a small mountain biking event near Cambridge, Ontario and the banks of the Grand River the first weekend of August, 1999 using a rented digital camera, a Windows 98 computer, a big and heavy 19” NEC monitor and a printer that  printed quality images even by today’s standards. We used that printer for only a few months, However a couple of its prints are still with us in our main office. I believe it would take about 5 minutes to print a 5X7 on that printer. Well , we are still taking action photos in 2013 and are using very similar equipment but of course everything is lighter, faster and longer lasting. We have probably photographed 20 different sports, some only once such as water polo and others hundreds of times such as hockey. Our favourite sports over the years to photograph have been baseball, basketball, lacrosse, hockey and mountain biking; one of my favorites!

Spectrum Imaging has a permanent archive over 500 tournaments temporarily offline. It has been my passion to make available the images Spectrum has taken over the years with the belief that the young kids will be interested in seeing those pictures again with the ability to share with their new family and purchase them if they wish.

Spectrum Imaging is having fun and as long as the young athletes are having fun, great action images will be taken. If anyone or any group would like to ask Spectrum Imaging to come and photograph (or HD video) their event do not hesitate to Contact Us. We are small and extremely professional and we really love being the ones who take the images that you love to have hanging  in your homes. Many, many former customers tell us that those pictures or plaques they bought years ago are still amongst their favorite images of their children. When I hear that I know choosing to do this work 13 years ago wasn’t actually work but a fun way to make an honest living.  Let’s see what the next 13 years bring shall we?

Roger Stermann